Rebecca Black

Rebecca is a sound and vibrational healing facilitator, Teacher, Fine Silver Jewelry artist, and host of community healing workshops and meditation groups.  Her certifications include: Reiki Master/Teacher, Soma-Energetics, Quantum Touch, Early Childhood & Elementary education Teacher, and a Precious Metal Jewelry Instructor.  In addition, she regularly uses therapeutic crystal bowls for vibrational healing with individuals and in groups.  Her work focuses on healing through raising one’s awareness/consciousness, balancing and integrating chakras, maintaining a consistently higher perspective, embracing a deeper love of self and compassion.  Rebecca’s Energetic Fine Silver co-creations are made to support the wearer’s own healing intentions.

Jane Smith Bernhardt

Jane Smith Bernhardt has worked as an actress, portrait artist, teacher and author with training in spritual direction and healing arts. Her two books are “We Are Here: Love Never Dies” and “The Sweet Conversation: A Guide to Spiritual Listening.”

Dara Berwick

Dara Bermick CCS has studied New Thought for 40 years with a concentration in Unity New Thought Movement, Religious Science teachings and other beliefs. Dara also has a background as an instructor, presenter and auditing consultant in the Health Information Management field. Her metaphysical studies have led her to teach truth principles and help guide others to their inner source with application on prayer and meditation. Dara emphasizes that there is a personal fulfillment in teaching others in that she receives clarification of her own personal inner knowledge with each encounter. Her desire is to have others experience the presence of the divine source and use it as a growing, healing tool as we go through our human experience.

Rev. Robert Brzezinski 

Rev. Robert Brzezinski holds Masters in Consciousness Studies, is an Ordained Minister of Religious Science and considers himself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. His lifelong quest for Truth has led through various philosophies and communities. He finds himself at a unique crossroads of spirituality and social experience. Robert is the founding minister of the New Thought Media Network and currently serves as its Spiritual and Creative Director.

Robert is passionate about exploring the emerging experience of virtual community and personal development. He feels called to serve the evolution of human consciousness through various forms of entertainment, education, and community. Never one to hide his authentic beliefs, Robert approaches the experience of spiritual living with curiosity, reverence, and authenticity. He can be reached through his website www.spiritevolving.com or at wwwntmedia.org

Douglas Blue Feather

Douglas Blue Feather, an American Indian descendant who adopted the name Douglas Blue Feather in the ’90s, is an internationally known recording artist and performer of music featuring the Native American flute. Recognized as one of the most accomplished flutists of today, he has released 19 CD’s which have been heard on radio stations and TV music channels worldwide including Pandora, iTunes, Soundscape, Sirius, and many others.  The highlights of Doug’s career include winning ten national music awards including four Indian Summer Music Awards and four Native American Music Awards.  In total, Douglas has received over 50 various award nominations and has been a voting member of the Grammy’s in the Producer’s and Engineer’s Wing since 2007. Douglas has been a inspirational speaker afilliated with Unity Church for many years.

Susan Bones

Rev. Susan Bones is an Ordained Minister and has studied metaphysics for over 30 years.  She is an avid student of THE WAY OF MASTERY, A Guide to Awakening in Christ Mind, A Course in Miracles, and A Course in Love.  Susan is a Reiki Master Teacher currently teaching in Perrysburg, Oh.  Certifications include healing Touch, Reflexology, esoteric Healing, NLP, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Counseling.  Other Careers include Bank Branch Officer with 5/3 Bank for 20 Yrs, and Past Owner of Rainbows and Roses Galleria, a spiritually based gift and book store.  One of Susan’s goals in life is touching hearts and assisting people in awakening to the truth of who they are. She currently lives in Monclova with her new, and very entertaining puppy Bella.

Dr. Guldal Caba

Dr. Guldal is a Medicine Woman, Psychologist, and a Naturopath.
Her life’s mission is to unite the beauty of the heart and a deeper knowing with daily life. To unite the Ancient with the New and Science with Spirit. Bringing each of us an understanding and strength to navigate life from a universal power of oneness. Bringing forward the ability to hear the whispers of the Divine that guide us in all aspects of our being and with the fulfillment of our desires.

Mary Byrd Clarke

Rev. Mary Ann Clarke has been a metaphysician since the 1960’s when she began helping people thru her psychic abilities via astrology, past-life regression and study groups. Mary has been a television and radio spokesperson, actress, and writer. Married for forty-seven years, Mary was widowed in 2008. She has raised three sons, and has four grandchildren.
In the 1980’s while traveling with an Edgar Cayce tour group to Egypt, she was inspired by psychic and visionary experiences. She created a workshop series “Re-awakening the Goddess Within”, and a meditation based group promoting world peace called “Order of the Dove”. In the 1990’s her mystical novel,”Sothis, Star of Egypt” was published and is still available on Amazon.com in book and kindle form under Mary Byrd Clarke.

Sandy Combs

Sandy came into this world as an open psychic channel and medium recalling past lives with verifiable accuracy as early as age 3. At 6 years old she had survived 2 near death experiences, the second of which she was able to fully recall. While this all may sound exciting it would be short-sided not to mention that each gift she possessed was needed to survive the trauma and abuse that defined her world for many years as a young person. 
Sandy claims her greatest accomplishment to be walking herself out of trauma and into life as a fully functioning, thriving human being by listening to Spirit’s guidance each step of the way. Sandy describes herself as a possibilitarian, a creatuitive and a joyologist!! 



Alison Dillion

Alison likes working with people to help them achieve their goals. To that end, she has an MBA with Leadership emphasis – adept at leading teams, making difficult decisions and effecting change by utilizing a results-based approach to all aspects of business. She has a proven ability to generate revenue and increase support bases for expanding for-profit and non-profit businesses and community organizations. She is a jack-of-all-trades, focused and determined independent consultant.  She is a creative, beautiful speaker and inspirational speaker and lecturer.

Michael Ellison, Ph. D.

Michael has performed as an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer and teacher for more than 20 years. This experience allows him to better open the scope of possibilities to individuals and groups through coachings and body-energy work sessions. In addition to his theatrical background, Michael has extensive experience working with energy in a variety of modalities. Michael has worked with the Minnesota AIDS Massage Project and at Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center.

His work facilitates the releasing of blocks and the integration of new physical and emotional pathways. He strives to encourage individuals to find their own unique ways of bringing light into everyday life. You can find more information about his work here.

Imam Farooq

Imam Farooq Aboelzahab has served the Toledo community since 1998 and is the personification of love. He grew up on a camel farm in Egypt and memorized the Holy Qur’an verbatim at age 10. With a B.A. degree in the Arabic Language, he has been a highly regarded Imam since 1982 in Egypt, Pakistan, and the U.S. His expertise in the Arabic Language allows him to give great insight into the interpretation of the Qur’an and has led to Imam Farooq being a recognized community resource. A US citizen for 19 years, he is also the proud father of 4 grown children and grandfather of eight.

Chris Holderman

Chris Holderman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt.), and a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP). Chris is a past president of the Board of Directors for the Midwest Region of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America. Chris has over 20 years of private practice experience in the areas of Applied Kinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Chris is a Certified Specialist in Weight Loss and Weight Management hypnotherapy, Pain Management hypnotherapy, and Inner Child Work hypnotherapy. With his wide range of experience in the complimentary health field, Chris uses his extensive knowledge in every session to help his clients achieve the goals they are working toward.

Iggy Garcia

Ignacio (Iggy) Garcia is a Native of Peru South America and has been taught in the sacred ways and arts of Peruvian Shamanism, and also walks the red road with The Native American Church of Nemenhah and is recognized as a Medicine Man, Minister, Chief, and elder. Iggy is a spiritual leader in his community in Columbus, Ohio. He is also a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, radio host and is the editor & producer for www.withinsightsradio.com and hosts a weekly internet radio show for the last ten years.

Sunder Iyer

Sunder Iyer is a direct disciple\student of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He joined Sai Baba’s ashram in 1979, at the age of 17 and stayed there until 1994. During these years, Sunder had the privilege of learning powerful lessons in spirituality, yoga, meditation and in the infinite potential within oneself. Sunder Iyer travels around the world teaching Raja Yoga as a means to Holistic Wellness and Self Actualization. Sunder is certified as RYT 200 and RYT 500.

Dr. Don Jones

Don W. Jones began his New Thought spiritual journey in 1989 at the Center for Positive Living in Sarasota, Florida. He studied under Rev. David Owen Ritz and Rev. Karen Wolfson while serving as the center’s Staff Minister of Counseling. He complemented his Special Education in Behavior Disorders Teaching degree with a Masters Degree in Holistic Mental Health and Addiction Counseling. Upon completion of his New Thought ministerial studies at CPL he entered Emerson Theological Institute and earned his Religious Studies Doctorate in a study of quantum physics as related to prayer and spiritual recovery and healing. Don currently is working as a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor. He is an ordained New Thought Minister.

Rev. Saroya King

The Most Reverend Dr. Saroya M King is the founding Director of Ecumena Spiritual Center. Dr. King remains a preacher and conference speaker focusing on the area of ministerial leadership both in the Church and Missions. She is an Affirmed Apostle of the Pentecostal and Apostolic Church, and a member of First Unitarian Church of Toledo Ohio. She is often affectionately called, “The Resident Transcendentalist”.
She has devoted herself to the betterment of the human community through the spiritual and educational process. She has been established as a ministerial mentor, and trainer. Dr. King has matriculated through a number of college degrees including Doctoral degrees, (D.D) in Pastoral Care and Counseling, a Master’s degree in Divinity and a Master’s degree in Education, and an enthusiast in aromatherapy.
Dr. Saroya has one son, Benjamin Edward King and daughter, Ciera Howard and a grandson, Benjamin Edward King II. She calls them, “her kids”. She has a plethora of nieces and nephews. She has sons and daughters through her Ministry and looks forward to being blessed with more. 

Jerry Levin, Ph.D., L.M.T.

Jerry is a retired professor from MCO (now UTMC) where he taught for almost 30 years. He now is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a writer, and a copywriter. Jerry is married and has three children, four grandchildren, and two stepchildren.

Jerry was raised in the Jewish religion and has been attending New Thought/Metaphysical churches since 1985. For the last 15 years he has led classes and study groups on various spiritual/metaphysical topics and presented Sunday lessons at several New Thought Churches in this area. He is now presenting the Sunday lesson at CCL once a month. Jerry likes to focus on the practical application of spiritual teachings to our everyday lives.

Anya Light

Anya Light, PhD, is an author, intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, sacred companion, and poet. Her book, Opening Love, explores radical perspectives on how to cultivate intentional, conscious relationships of love and wonder.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Anya means “inexhaustible.” The name is a manifestation of her inexhaustible passion to serve humanity’s healing and awakening process. Anya’s core message is love. Through an open-hearted intentional surrender to love, we enter the light of a new consciousness.

Anya Light offers guidance and healing sessions at her private practice in Bowling Green, Ohio. Visit her online at: www.AnyaLight.com

Marcia Maria, BA, Reiki Master, Cht., Rev.

Marcia Maria is a Spiritual Practitioner who, through the specific channeled assistance of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Jesus, lovingly helps her clients transform and balance their lives and allows them to achieve their desires.  Marcia will often use a variety of her certified techniques to aid in her work such as : Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation, Energy Balancing, Soma-Energetics and Theta Healing. She is a Spiritual Life/Wellness Coach.  “It is all a manifestation of love in action”

Scott McBride

Scott is a Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) Master Teacher, Crystalline Energy Coach, and owner of Ray of Life Healing, LLC.  Scott helps people understand the energetic causes of experiences in their lives and helps them transform to higher and higher versions of themselves, using a combination of CCT and his own spiritual gifts.  His passion is helping people connect to and live in the new energy paradigm, and easily master energetic transformation, through personal healing sessions or CCT classes.  For more information about CCT, please visit www.CCTHealing.com, or his personal website, www.RayofLifeHealing.com.

Patricia Newman

Patricia Newman, Educator and Life Coach, is the Spiritual Director of Inspirational Gatherings of Toledo, a spiritual initiative for the study and practice of Truth principles through classes, conscious conversations, and worship services. Patricia has over 50 years’ experience as a Unity and Truth student beginning as a very young child. She is presently enrolled in the Unity Licensed Teacher Program. She is a devoted meditator and life-long learner and has studied David Hawkins, Ken Wilber, Joel Goldsmith Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, as well as many of the current authors. She also holds a certificate in the following: Sacred Healing of Meditation with the En-Vision Foundation directed by Rev. Scott Sherman.
SITH (Self I- Dentity Through Ho’oponopono) by Dr. Len
She is the mother of one son and is a resident of Toledo.

Rolita Noble

Rolita Noble is a native of Toledo Ohio and a single mom with a son and a daughter. While working in Toledo Library system, Rolita read “The Mists of Avalon”. It’s mention of The Mother Goddess religion lead to her study of Divine Feminine Spirituality for over 30 years. Rolita is a Thrive Coach, Certified Life Coach and Founder and CEO of Thrive Now Life Coaching LLC, an Urban Medicine Woman and Graduate of Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Life Development.  Founded by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, of “Iyanla Fix My Life” on OWN. Upon graduation Rolita received a recognition award for Grace.  Rolita lauched “Thrive Now LifeCoaching” to support individuals to Thrive. Many of us have been in survival mode, my purpose is to support individuals to Thrive. To release survival mode and step firmly and completely onto the path of Thriving.  I Thrive, You Thrive, We Thrive!

Dr. Maneesha Pandey

Dr. Maneesha Pandey got her early education in India, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the Philippines. Her medical experiences have been in India, Ukraine, Ireland and USA with a rich exposure to different people, culture and their religious traditions. She is the Deputy Coroner, Forensic Pathologist of Lucas County, Program Director of Forensic Pathology Fellowship Trg Program and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Healthy Sciences Department,University of Toledo. She is actively involved in the community, and is currently the Chair of Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee for Lucas County, on the Board of Trustees for Maumee Valley Country Day School, Vice President of Toledo Physicians of Indian Origin and on the board of directors for National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME). Married to Ajay Joshi, a senior GE Consultant, she is blessed with two teenage boys.

Rainbow Eagle

Rainbow Eagle is a Okla-Choctaw American Indian, and  Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield.  Now that the Seventh Fire of Anishinaba/Ojibwa tradition has been lit, he is responsible for teaching the Peace Shield. Rainbow Eagle has spent most of his life traveling and living among traditional Native Americans, both on and off reservation in the United States, Canada, and Europe, sharing with traditional people and learning from their most respected elders.  He is a revered storyteller and teacher, and leader of traditional ceremonies and is responsible for many Sacred Bundles.

Lia Ricci

Lia Ricci is the owner of Asherah’s Garden, a full service holistic boutique and education center located at 315 N. Grove St. in Bowling Green, Ohio. Ms Ricci is a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach with several other certifications. Lia is a graduate of the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health where she studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Medical Herbalism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Reflexology & Touch for Health Kinesiology. Ms. Ricci is a Reiki Master and graduate of New York City’s Lincoln Recovery Center’s Acu Detox Specialist certification program. Lia also holds two degrees in psychology and human development from Bowling Green State University.

Sana Maggie Schilb

Sana Maggie Schilb is a lifelong learner and seeker of ideas, practices, personalities and life lessons. On her spiritual quest, she has encountered many influences in her personal studies, including Teal Swan’s Completion Process, Judith Orloff’s literature on Empaths, and of course the multitudes of friends and family, especially at CCL. She is a teacher, an aspiring writer, an idealist, and maybe a poet (but doesn’t know it). She believes that all life circumstances are spiritual lessons in physical form, the key is to do inner work on yourself in order to understand the symbolism and patterns in everyday life.

David Schroeder

David Schroeder, LMSW is a clinical and spiritual social worker, life coach and author. In his private practice Transition Pathways, David offers techniques to assist individuals, couples, and groups in finding healthy pathways to self-love, higher awareness and greater potential. He conducts workshops on topics such as: Spirituality and Self-esteem, The Path to Conscious Relationship, and The Power of Being. David is the author of the book, Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey. He conducts workshops around the book’s themes.

In David’s own journey, he’s learned the importance of self-love, acceptance and honoring his perfection within his imperfections.

Rev. Tony Senf

Rev. Tony retired as the pastor of Unity Center of the Heights in Cleveland Heights, OH in
January of 2017. In addition to his Sunday morning duties, Rev. Tony developed a number of
intensive weekend workshops and educational classes designed to support people on their
Spiritual journey and to help them remember Who they really are, The Perfect Child of God.
He also coauthored a weekend workshop for adults and young people with the same intent,
called Out of the Matrix. However, it was set in a secular format, which allowed Out of the Matrix
to be taught in several high schools in the Cleveland area, as well as Kent State University. As a
result, Kent State conducted a seven year study of the program and found its results to be far
superior to the majority of self development trainings.
Rev. Tony has been, and continues to be, a student of A Course in Miracles, ACIM, since 1983.
The Course has been the foundation of his classes and workshops ever since. Rev. Tony has
also been a major presenter at a number of ACIM conferences nationally. His energetic,
simplistic and somewhat humorous style of presenting has helped thousands of people take in
and implement the seemingly complicated teachings of the Course.
Though retired, Rev. Tony continues to speak periodically at a number of churches, via the
internet, from his home, RV and sometimes his sailboat, in southern Florida where ne now resides with his wife, Rev. Susan.

Jody Soland

Jody Soland is a popular inspirational keynote speaker, published singer-songwriter, recording artist and workshop leader.  She is known for her warm, friendly personality, her natural ability to connect with her audiences, and her exceptional vocal talent.  She writes powerful, heartfelt and humorous songs about life experiences that everyone can relate to.  “My goal is to help people appreciate the simple things, enjoy the journey, and find way to embrace the challenges, using them as springboards to something amazing!  When we allow ourselves to be totally authentic, we say yes to who we really are.” 

Rev. Laura Topper

Rev. Laura Topper is a Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Practitioner. She is founder of the Immense Love Women of Power Alliance and has a weekly radio show on New Thought Media Network. Laura is rooted in the intention to bring women together globally to support their shared experience of supporting each other on the adventure of menopause, midlife, spiritual empowerment, emotional healing and entrepreneurship. She lives with her husband in Eastbourne, England.

Angela Hed Vincent

Angela Hed Vincent (pronouns: she/her), owner of True You Tapping, is a certified EFT Master Practitioner and Reiki Master. She studied under internationally renowned author, speaker, and healer Cyndi Dale to receive her Energy Medicine Certification and Advanced Energy Medicine: Healing Trauma Certification from Normandale College. Angela also holds a Masters Degree in
Sculpture from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP. She continues to explore innovative ways of combining her passions for art and healing. Angela founded True You Tapping after she successfully used EFT to release her severe burnout, depression, and compound trauma. True You Tapping was
created to help others who are feeling lost, alone, and hidden beneath their traumas, to dissolve blocks, collapse issues, and unearth their true potential. Angela helps people who don’t fit into the boxes, who feel displaced, disconnected, lost, alone, burned out, overwhelmed, or weary, find balance and true belonging so they can come at life from a place of inner strength and personal power.

Gordon Wade

Gordon is an associate professor of Applied Mathematics at BGSU and a lifelong spiritual seeker and learner. For much of his adult life, he has been active in various Christian churches. For the last six years, however, Gordon has been on somewhat of a different path – that of the contemporary “Toltec Wisdom” via the school of don Miguel Ruiz, who is the author of “The Four Agreements” and several other books on the Toltec wisdom. Gordon has been on several personal spiritual journeys to such places as Glastonbury, Creston, and Teotihuacan, Mexico. His core beliefs are simple: The centrality of love in all things, and the importance of letting go of judgements…and it may take a lifetime or more to learn what these things mean!

Lori Wells

Lori is a Systemic Family Constellations facilitator and an artist, a writer and a dancer. I was raised in the desert of the American Southwest and my deep connection to nature led to a study of biology at Lewis and Clark College. I have owned a restaurant, helped to run a thriving art studio, and managed volunteer programs.

Through transformational training in various modalities, I have honed my listening and intuitive coaching skills. For me, nothing is more thrilling than assisting and witnessing people who are stepping into their own full power with ease and wonder and grace. Please visit my website at lorimwells.com.

Joseph Zielinski

Spiritual living with a sense of fun, that’s the best way to describe Joe Zielinski.  A student of the Science of Mind approach to spiritual living since 1985, Zielinski strives to combine the teaching of Ernest Holmes, with his experiences with martial arts (especially Aikido) and eastern philosophy, the MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio, the Interfaith Blood Drive, and over twenty years as an adjunct instructor of business management and accounting at Owens Community College.  Star Trek and Star Wars references are often peppered throughout his talks.  Like the energizer bunny, he refuses to retire!


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