We Welcome Everyone

We honor all paths to God
We respect and honor diversity
We are divine creators and spiritually unlimited
We follow many great spiritual teachers

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Humanity is Divine

God is Good and all there is

Mind is Primary and Causative.

Individuals are free in matters of belief.

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The Center for Conscious Living is a spirit centered community where lives are transformed, enriched and fulfilled through an increasing awareness of the divine within.

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Our Statements

• God is Good and all there is

• Humanity is Divine

• Mind is Primary and Causative.

• Individuals are free in matters of belief.

• Open Hearts

• Open Minds.

• Dream Big.

• Live Your Dreams.
New Thought, New Awareness Changes Your World

Sunday Gatherings

May 1, 2016
Jerry Levin
Talk Title: “The Boxes We Live In"
Music by: Terry Baker

May 8, 2016
Rolita Noble
Talk Title: “A Different Kind of Goddess"
Music by: Charlie Oswanski

May 15, 2016
Susan Bones
Talk Title: “Becoming Divinely Selfish"
Music by:  New Love Express

April 24, 2016
Jody Soland
Talk Title: "Love Love"
Music by: Jody Soland

May 29, 2016
Marcia Maria
Talk Title: "Unknown"
Music by: Terry Baker

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Special Events

The Truth About Cancer
Monday evenings beginning January 18th until Mar. 7th
6:15 to 8:15 pm

See Newsletter for other events CCL's Monthly Board Meeting

March 20, 2016
at CCL
all are encouraged

to attend.

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"I have a dream, that from the womb to the tomb there would remain the consciousness that our heartbeat is God so we would remain in the rhythm of Love!" Johan Miller