We welcome everyone

We honor all paths to God
We respect and honor diversity
We are divine creators and spiritually unlimited
We follow many great spiritual teachers

Center for Conscious Living is a spirit filled community where lives are transformed, enriched, and fulfilled through increasing awareness of the divine within. A New Thought Awareness!

Upcoming Speakers at CCL

July 3rd

Jerry Levin – “Freedom”

Musician – Terry Baker

July 10th

Kristin Panek “Spiritual Mind Traps”

Music: Chris Knopp

July 17th

Estil Canterbury – “Experiential Namaste”

Music: New Love Express

July 24th

Rainbow Eagle – “Looking to the Oldest Bible: Yeshua’s Story”

Workshop: 12:30 Time Travel IS a part of our Future: Giant Discussion

Music: Don Coats

July 31st

Tony Senf – “You’ve Got a Friend”

Music: Terry and Charlie

Postponed to later date – Workshop: History of the Christ.